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"Diana McLellan, 1962"
Oil on Wood
14" x 14"

In August of ’62, one of my friends was working on Capitol Hill when Charles Keating told the Senate that Soviet missiles on Cuba were pointed at the US. There were long and boozy debates at our table – about Castro, Khrushchev, Kennedy. We gave a party with a bagpipe band. We talked about our forthcoming nuclear destruction.  Should we get out of town? No. Still in our 20’s we had huge faith in Kennedy – misplaced, as it turned out. Our lives filled themselves – work, childcare, wine, music, painting, cooking, friends, parties. Luckily, Kennedy was lucky himself. When Khrushchev caved, turned back his fleet and removed the missiles, we really didn’t know how close we’d come to the worst-case scenario. We’re still at Ground Zero.